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The concepts behind these poems are designed to see, feel, and despise the pain of slavery, and injustices created since the inception of America. There have been hundreds of years and millions of lives affected by this pain. But when do we come to a point and heal the suffering?


To deconstruct innate hatred, selfish greed, and UNITE as in the propaganda utilized to sell the ideology of America. "We the people", "all men are created equal," and “all people have inalienable human rights." The time begins now! Juneteenth serves as the day any remaining slaves were released. This year is 2020 and 2020 is a measurement utilized to determine clear vision. Read and let your mind be freed! 


Coming to Amazon on Jun 19, 2020.


Pre-release orders ends - June 6, 2020. In pre-ordering the book, you are opting to receive the book on or around the book release date.

Poetry: Unapologetically I Am A Man

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